WTF: Halo 3 Scoops Edge Award for Interactive Innovation

“At the Edinburgh Interactive Festival today, Bungie beat competitors such as Nintendo and Rockstar to win the Edge Award For Interactive Innovation for Halo 3.”

How retarded is that?

Halo 3 and Innovation? It is the same space shooter like back at Halo 1. The Online Mode is the most retarded I have yet ever played. It is just a sequel, not even a new IP.
Sometimes people in the games media think theyre that great reporters but have no clue anymore about what they actual write.
It is such a shame. There is no, I repeat no, games media (as in press) that I consider worth anymore. They are outdated and in my opinion at the edge of exstinction.
The only thing that keeps them in the talk are the horrible offensive scores they give, illogical awards and (knowingly) false headlines or making false statements about Interviews.

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