The FF7 Remake will not be your FF7

Not too long ago I wrote about the possibility of a FF7 remake or rather why it wont happen. Fast forward to this years E3 and everyone got a big surprise. But I remain cautious for various reasons.

All it needed was a CGI trailer which showed basically nothing and the whole internet went crazy. Gamers should know better by now about CGI based announcements. My biggest concern comes from the interviews given later about it. The responsible team already explained they will make some changes to the story, add new things and adjust the battle system (to make it more modern which ignores the fact people love the old systems too). They also said the game will get a new sub-title. This will be a new FF7 and not what we remember. This has a huge potential to mess things up and disappoint long time FF7 fans.
Add to this the emotional value many have in regards to FF7 and their very high expectations.

On top of that I am sure they will find ways to add DLC and Micro-transactions to the game.
The company has to deliver a very high level product to please old and new customers and fans. There is a lot of money on the line and I am sure a big pressure to make a good profit with it. Let’s see what the collectors edition will contain for a premium price. However, if they do succeed then we can probably expect remakes for 5 and 6 too. Yay, more old stuff.

I am calling it here and now: Fans will not like the changes which are to come.

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