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Review: Infamous Second Son (PS3)

The third game in the infamous series follows the events and conclusion of the second game. My review does not contain spoilers.

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Review: Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns (PS3)

The last and final chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga. After the sudden and disappointing ending of XIII-2 I was very critical about the trilogy-thing and whether this third game can deliver a proper closure. The review does not contain spoilers. Read more »

Lightning Returns, the demo (PS3)

Shortly before te game finally hits te European shores a demo is here to enlighten us. Does the demo make you want to play more? Read more »

Final Fantasy 13: Requiem of a Goddess (PS3)

Shortly before Lightning returns to conclude the saga I decided to finally take care for 13-2’s final DLC which bridges Lightnings events from 13-2 to 13-3, Lightnings actual return. How did Etros champion do in Valhalla. (DLC Spoilers ahead.) Read more »

Why do you pirate?

Some weeks ago I polled some gaming discussion groups and friends on why they pirate. More or less everyone is doing it at some point. No matter if its video, music or games. The reasons vary and many have been mentioned before but to me they show an important change in social behaviour and customer demands. Below you can read a summary of the information I got from people all over the world.

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FFXIV CHAT: Voices Of The Ascended Pod Cast #11

Another funny round on a Sunday night. First beta details were allowed to be discussed in public (partial lift of NDA).  

Review: Ni no kuni (PS3)

Spoiler warning: Major content and story spoilers ahead! Stop reading if you still play the game or intent to do so. Read more »

Review: Tales of Graces f (PS3)

The “Tales of” series has also a strong following and is one of the last few JRPG similar to Final Fantasy. It might not be turn-based action but it is a beautifully crafted RPG which focus is heavily on story and character development. In the past the action based  combat of these games always turned me off but somehow I couldn’t resist this one. A good decision.
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Review: Final Fantasy 13-2 (PS3)

The sequel is quite a big change to its predecessor.
SquareEnix really listened to its fanbase and avid customers to understand why people disliked FF-13 so much and what they felt was missing from Final Fantasy.
They changed quite many things, added again Chocobos, cities to walk around in, side quests and changed the challenges.
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Review: Final Fantasy 13 (PS3)

I will make this short and dish out the most important part first:
It is my honest opinion that this is the worst Final Fantasy game I have ever played. (based on the main numbered series)
OK it looks like this is not ending so fast…

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