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Pre-Order Madness

I like special/collectors editions of games. But the pre-order business is sometimes pure madness. Depending on where you order you get different(!) incentives. Be it as steel box for your game, a code for a vanity item, a small plush toy, etc. If you want the whole thing you have to order at multiple places or sometimes need to dish your an exorbitant sum of money for the super-duper edition. This is a very customer unfriendly practice and harms your interested customers and loyal fans. Different bundles of the same game is the opposite of good fan service. Stick to two versions and deliver properly on those. Your fans can now make an educated decision but no matter which version they buy they will be your customers and may stay if you really service them.

No Man’s Marketing

No man’s sky was just another example of how unrealistic goals, marketing promises and hype generation can cause a catastrophe. It was just another example but one of the biggest ones in recent history of the gaming industry. Why do we never learn, both the industry and customers?

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The FF7 Remake will not be your FF7

Not too long ago I wrote about the possibility of a FF7 remake or rather why it wont happen. Fast forward to this years E3 and everyone got a big surprise. But I remain cautious for various reasons.
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E3 hype machine

E3 was again a huge hype machine: a collection of expectations, disappointments, surprises, weird moments and hard to understand decisions. Here goes my mini-review of things that catches my attention. Read more »

What defines a good game?

I talked about this topic before but it sparked anew with the release of the PlayStation 4 title “The Order:1886” and the controversy around its length. Is a short game a bad game? Read more »

Why do you pirate? The second hook!

On my first article about why people pirate I got very constructive feedback from many different people. Thank you all for your time reading it and sharing your time with me to give me your opinions. In this second article on this topic I would like to touch on some points again to clear some points up and also to take note of some feedback I received. Read more »

Are toxic players a necessity?

Jerome Jones is a designer at Robot Entertainment and he believes you have to live with toxic players and that those are an asset to your game. I believe they are the most dangerous kinds of players because they damage your game, your company image and your customer base. In the end it can end up hurting your bottom line. Read on to let me explain why I believe toxic players are dangerous. Read more »

E3 2014

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was again dominating the news for a week where every developer tried to be the best, biggest and loudest in the house. But something was missing this year. Read more »

Fusion between GAME and BIU failed

The two German gaming industry lobby group GAMES and BIU were planning to merge.
They failed. That is really sad and is rather to the detriment of both groups members and us gamers. (Little rant ahead but bear with me.) Read more »

Reasons to leave MMOs

We all do it: At some point we leave a MMO. Maybe we stop with the MMO entirely, make a break or switch to another MMO. The reasons can be many. In most cases very subjective reasons which are at that point important to us. Not worthy to others. But why is it so hard to leave sometimes? Or when it is very easy?

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