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The FF7 Remake will not be your FF7

Not too long ago I wrote about the possibility of a FF7 remake or rather why it wont happen. Fast forward to this years E3 and everyone got a big surprise. But I remain cautious for various reasons.
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Review: Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns (PS3)

The last and final chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga. After the sudden and disappointing ending of XIII-2 I was very critical about the trilogy-thing and whether this third game can deliver a proper closure. The review does not contain spoilers. Read more »

Lightning Returns, the demo (PS3)

Shortly before te game finally hits te European shores a demo is here to enlighten us. Does the demo make you want to play more? Read more »

Final Fantasy 13: Requiem of a Goddess (PS3)

Shortly before Lightning returns to conclude the saga I decided to finally take care for 13-2’s final DLC which bridges Lightnings events from 13-2 to 13-3, Lightnings actual return. How did Etros champion do in Valhalla. (DLC Spoilers ahead.) Read more »

Final Fantasy: Retro-recap of 13 & 13-2

Square Enix trying to reboot itself

A recent article on MCV UK looked at Square Enix attempt to reboot itself and to get its IPs back on their feet. SE has finished their structural changes but I believe they are not done yet. Looking at recent events and at their future business it looks like they want to eat more than they can chew.

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Final Fantasy 7 – Remake or not to remake?

Whenever you bring up discussions about which Final Fantasy game is the best or what kind of game in this franchise you would like to see next the topic of a FF7 remake is just around the corner. The question to me is: do we really need a FF7 remake? My short answer is no but let us explore why I believe a remake is not so good of an idea and also very unlikely.

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Danforth Wright, a FFXIV blog

I just added a new blog to the blogroll: Danforth Wright – A servant of the house of Varnhalt is blogging about FFXIV and related topics.

FFXIV CHAT: Voices Of The Ascended Pod Cast #11

Another funny round on a Sunday night. First beta details were allowed to be discussed in public (partial lift of NDA).  

Distant Worlds – music from Final Fantasy

Last weekend I attended both Distant Worlds concerts in Munich. It was a blast. Both were really awesome and on each day they had a fine selection of titles they would only play on that day. because both days featured titles I wanted to hear live I had to go to both. To me the highlights were clearly the songs performed by Susan Calloway: Distant Worlds (FFXI), Answers (FFXIV), Eyes on me (FFVIII), Kiss me goodbye (FFXII). But one piece stood out among all and that was the Opera scene from FFVI “Maria and Draco”. It was performed live by three singers and it was simply amazing. It was definitely worth the prices and the travel and I’ll be there again if they indeed return in 2014.

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