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Early Access: Epic Tavern (PC)

Recently an early access title on Steam picked my interest, called Epic Tavern. It mixes Tavern and adventurer management. Its not complete yet but shaping up quite nicely.  Read more »

Pre-Order Madness

I like special/collectors editions of games. But the pre-order business is sometimes pure madness. Depending on where you order you get different(!) incentives. Be it as steel box for your game, a code for a vanity item, a small plush toy, etc. If you want the whole thing you have to order at multiple places or sometimes need to dish your an exorbitant sum of money for the super-duper edition. This is a very customer unfriendly practice and harms your interested customers and loyal fans. Different bundles of the same game is the opposite of good fan service. Stick to two versions and deliver properly on those. Your fans can now make an educated decision but no matter which version they buy they will be your customers and may stay if you really service them.

No Man’s Marketing

No man’s sky was just another example of how unrealistic goals, marketing promises and hype generation can cause a catastrophe. It was just another example but one of the biggest ones in recent history of the gaming industry. Why do we never learn, both the industry and customers?

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