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AION – My personal review

AION – The Tower of Eternity

Below I want to share my personal opinion on various aspects of the game that lead to my decision
to stay with another game.

I was playing Aion since the very first European Closed Beta.
During the beta phases and especially in the so called Open beta the game started to bore me already.
However, I was giving it a shot because I was certain in the live version the game will have more to offer once
im beyond the levels I played in the beta’s. My highest level here was 17 with a Chanter.

Now the game is live, I played it for the first free month and I decided not to open an abonnement.
I played a Chanter up to level 32, got all my spells, some blue items, 6k Abyss points and some sieges in Abyss.
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Aion EU “Open” Beta

Open Beta, soon is release and there is still a shitload to do for Aion.
The beta boards are overflowing with issues.
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Aion: So called open beta

The open beta started and I have two new issues to report, hello beta boards. Read more »

Aion – The Tower of Eternity : 5th US/EU Beta/Preview event

Another beta event. In my opinion they are doing too many.
They are tiring out the people who are interested and the Beta boards are full of people stating they will cancel pre-order or simply leave it be.

I tried out tow more classes namely the Sorcerer and the Gladiator. Read more »

Aion EU Beta Videos

Now I also got online three short clips about the game Aion from the 1st and 3rd EU Beta.
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AION: 3rd EU Beta event

Another beta phase went by. Please remember everything below is subject to a beta phase.

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Aion – The Tower of Eternity – 1st EU/US Beta Preview Event

NCsoft decided to lift the NDA early. Enjoy.
The pictures I took during the beta/preview event of AION are now online.
Preview Thumbnail Gallery behind cut.

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Aion – The Tower of Eternity

Aion – The Tower of Eternity

The last weekend we finally got our fix of Aion, the US and EU beta/preview event.
I was lucky enough to get a beta key. So client download and go!

The following is my review and personal opinion.
During the beta I played three characters up to the following levels:
– Chanter 17
– Summoner 14
– Templer 10
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