Symphonic Odysseys – Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu

On the 9th July the Cologne Philharmonics presented “Symphonic Odysseys – Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu”. Uematsu san was there too for signing autographs. The music performance was extremely well and absolutely awesome. They played from a range of Uematsu’s works. The only down side was the organization of the signing hour from the philharmonics side.

They simply opened the doors and all people streamed inside. There were no controlled waiting lines to begin with. This was a serious lack of organization and actual a dangerous one considering the dynamics of huge groups of people. It worked out thou but that way less people had the chance to get a signature in this one hour window. If properly organized it is less stress, you can control the masses easier and the flow will allow more people to pass trough ergo more people will get the chance to receive a signature.

Of course I didn’t miss the chance to take some pictures and to ask Uematsu to sign my Original Japanese Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack.


All titles played were not simply replayed arrangements but completely new arrangements for these tracks to fit for the Philharmonics play and the Cologne Choir. So not only this was a concert but also the world premiere of these arrangements. They were playing 9 sets plus 2 bonus arrangements.

  1. Final Fantasy
    1. Grave – Allegro
    2. Adagio Cantabile
    3. Allegro Molto
  2. King’s Knight
    1. A Pretty Day Out
  3. Chrono Trigger
    1. Silent Light
  4. The Final Fantasy Legend & The Final Fantasy Legend II
    1. Suite: Main Theme
    2. Save the World
  5. Final Fantasy X
    1. A Fleeting Dream
  6. The Last Story
    1. Spreading Your Wings
  7. Final Fantasy XIV
    1. On Windy Meadows
  8. Blue Dragon
    1. Waterside
  9. Lost Odyssey Suite
    1. Prologue (Main Theme)
    2. A Formidable Enemy Appears!
    3. A Sad Tolten
    4. Dark Saint
    5. Light of Blessing – A Letter
    6. Epilogue (Main Theme Reprise)
  10. Final Fantasy X
    1. Ending Theme
  11. Final Fantasy VII
    1. Medley Battle Themes


In my opinion the top three are:

  1. Final Fantasy XIV: Their new arrangement of the music from the area of Limsa Lominsa was awesome and a completely new way.
  2. The Lost Odyssey Suite was truly touching especially for those who played the game. The emotions from the game came back to live.
  3. Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme Medley was like playing the past again, enjoying all those great battles anew.

Next year the Cologne Philharmonics will reproduce the “Symphonic Fantasies” concert playing from Final Fantasy I – IV during 5th and 6th July 2012. Tickets will go on sale in December.


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