Star Trek

Finally the new Star Trek movie is upon us. I was very afraid of the things that will come.
I know J.J. Abrams as a good director but I was uncertain that they could turn around the sinking ship.

Many cinemas in my area hosted a pre-premier event on Wednesday. However, where I was nothing was done.
Simply get an overpriced pre-card that’s it for Wednesday. No events not even decoration.

Forget all what you ever saw or know about Star Trek.
Relax and enjoy the movie did you?

They actually made a full restart with the franchise if you want to call it like that.
Everything chaged, a whole new universe created.
Old rules are scratched away and all the things you maybe loved and knew are gone.

Is that a bad thing?
Definitely no! I am very surprised and happy about the success of this movie.
They had everything that was necessary. Action, fun, technology and a slight techno-babble.
Key-elements were all present. and I liked Leonard Nimoy’s role.

I was a little bit shocked that they changed the universe (or the known time-line if you will) so drastically.
In the end I would say it was for the good.
A new start, a fresh universe, new possibilities.

I really hope the movie will do good so the actors will get the options for a 2nd/3rd movie (which is part of their contracts).

The soundtrack was great but a small something in it was missing.

Very good movie. Engage for 4.5 of 5 points. 😀

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