Square Enix trying to reboot itself

A recent article on MCV UK looked at Square Enix attempt to reboot itself and to get its IPs back on their feet. SE has finished their structural changes but I believe they are not done yet. Looking at recent events and at their future business it looks like they want to eat more than they can chew.

For me the downfall started already with Final Fantasy 13. The game received a lot critical feedback. It was turning away from the Final Fantasy roots and completely ignoring the needs of the fanbase. They desperately (still) want to reinvent Final Fantasy. They did not stop there and rebooted Tomb Raider. Another title that abandoned its roots. Despite the high goals set by SE the game fell short in some aspect. Still it sold very well: Over four million copies worldwide. Square Enix called it a failure. How can this game be still such a failure? Questions about costs and profitability came up. Fans started to wonder if they finally lost their way. As a consequence Square Enix President Yoichi Wada stepped down.

Don’t get me wrong: Square Enix is still a good games company but they are far away from their former glory self. They will stick to Tomb Raider and are working on the next game for it. It is yet to be seen how they’ll handle it after they called the last one disappointing. They heavily changed the way how they communicate with fans and to reactions on the internet. Final Fantasy 15 is on its way too and it looks like it will defy conventional Final Fantasy again. After the feedback from the last games this could become tricky. It will either surprise everyone and be successful or the fans will destroy it. And without fans you got cannot keep up the strength of an IP.

Square Enix wants to be a jack of all trades: PC, console and mobile gaming. Subscription and free to play MMOs, small budget and triple-A games. Talented people are certainly in the house but maybe less would be more. At the moment they are struggling at every corner instead to focus on one of them and do it right. One by one. Square Enix got so many IPs under their hood but many haven’t seen the day of light in years despite fan interest. The direction in development is moving further away from the roots (at least from a fan point of view).

I do still believe they can pull it off, keep the right course, make fans happy and strengthen their IPs again. Lets hope their new ways of communicating and listening will help and they take the right approach for the future.

Source: MCV UK Square Enix’s latest reboot

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