Runes of Magic

Runes of magic, a new free to play MMO that’s also available as a small box edition for around 10 € in Germany (and Europe?) .

A German games magazine called it a “free alternative to World of Warcraft”.
I read it up and the class system sounds nice. Battles as usual. ^^

Whatever the guys from this magazine were smoking it was definitely not enough.

This game is utter crap!

The graphics are acceptable for a F2P game. Sound and music are bad, the worst.
Battles are boring and stupid. The tutorial the game has for beginner is a fucking joke.
The mouse controls, path finding and lag are bad to an extreme.

Also I haven’t seen a F2P game (in a long time) where the item shop is so aggressively mentioned
and pro-actively pushed towards the user. The players receives a couple of free items for the first few levels.
Those are always luring the player to the item job because: “This item will consume upon use and is only available in the item shop.”

Stay far away from this game. There are better F2P games out there.

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