Review: Star Wars: The old republic (PC)

One more MMO but based on a huge franchise and sci-fi saga.
The launch was slightly chaotic but not bad. The game entered soon normal modus operandi.
While the Star Wars lore is insanely huge already the game did not really deliver, at least not as an MMO.

Unfortunately the game plays like any other regular MMO.
You can you skill bar, cool down timers, dungeons and raids.
It works fine and smoothly for it but it employs too much of the old formula.
Above average with the common limitations you see in most MMO games.
Nothing bad but also nothing really outstanding to see here.
The soundtrack is good and often adds to certain situations.
In instanced dungeons where also some storytelling takes place it works very good
as well as in the main story parts of your character.

The main story is unique to each character class and absolutely great.
I tried Bounty Hunter and Inquisitor (both Sith faction) and I really enjoyed the stories that
where told.
That however is the main problem of the game: The main stories are really great but everything else
is just standard MMO food.
It is my opinion that this could have been a much better game if it were a normal single player game with solo campaigns for the classes and co-op multiplayer. This would have been most likely the better game.

Gameplay 3/5
Visuals 3/5
Soundtrack 3/5
Story 5/5


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