Review: Mass Effect Andromeda (PS4)

A new Mass Effect game. No Sheppard this time. Set far away in the Andromeda galaxy. A new hero, new friends and new enemies.

The game got a troubled road behind it. Several reports suggest development was a nightmare and the studio did not get the necessary resources. This meant things were not as fine tuned as they should have been. Features are missing. A bug that can break your save file. The games reception was rather bad probably shutting down any chance for a sequel.

Why the studio got not the resources to finish this game and protect the Mass Effect IP was at first not clear. But after the reveal of “Anthem” it was clear where the company put the priorities.


The game looks good. Here and there were some weird facial animations, minor clipping issues or a drop trough the game world. While not game breaking it disturbs immersion.


The soundtrack is very good but not as good as for the previous ME games. Still there are two pieces which are outstanding. The voice acting is awesome and on point.


The game follows the true and tested way of shooting, asking questions and making decision. Some which have minor others very big consequences. A couple of decisions show no consequences yet and were aimed at a potential sequel.

The game introduces environmental hazards which can be very annoying at first because they make living and exploring a place almost impossible. After you improved certain conditions it usually becomes much better and the hazard decrease or go away. Finally you can explore the planet for real.

Later in the game you can encounter special fights versus mechanic beings called Architects. The fights are cool but they serve no greater purpose. Another point aimed at a sequel probably.


The story is very good especially if you follow all the side quests to discover other people who are now in Andromeda. There is a lot of background information hidden around the game to learn more about the Andromeda galaxy and its inhabitants.

The characters work very well for me. Those in your team but also some you meet elsewhere. You don’t like all of them and that is the purpose and its great its working out. The way how your character develops is also pretty good and enjoyed the journey for it.

Alas the story got some plot holes and some are obviously done on purpose aiming for a sequel. There is a lot left open at the end begging for a sequel.

Visuals: 4/5
Sound: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Story: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

A good game ruined by management. Most bugs and issues are fixed by now with patches. Due to the public reception of the game, the troubled development and different priorities (Anthem) its very unlikely we will see a sequel for this game any time soon if at all.


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