Review: Mass Effect 3 (Xbox 360)

The final instalment in the epic conclusion to the Mass Effect Trilogy.
Yes, it was all worth it for me. A great game and a great ending.

General gameplay has not changed much. You still got your various types of gun and special abilities.
Combat is fast paced and big action. Aboard the Normandy and the Citadel are many people you can talk to and many side missions to undergo. A really cool feature is that you get quests by eavesdropping on people. Your hear about their problems and solve it or intervene.
The game often challenges you with decision that on the one hand trigger your need for certain actions but also your moral compass. Many call this decision angst. You never know what happens because the consequences are almost never immediately noticeable. Now you get barely the red or blue selection wheel like from the previous games. This makes it more difficult to make the “right” choices but adds an interesting layer for me to the game.

Everything looks fine. Only a few minor things like a close look on burning stuff or smoke doesn’t look that smooth.
But the game delivers all you need visually. The bigger “cutscenes” are absolutely great.

The soundtrack is absolutely fantastic. Enough said.
My favourite piece is “Leaving Earth”.

The story puts you into the final confrontation with the reapers and your task to gather a fleet big and strong enough to oppose the intruder and to take back earth (and the rest of the galaxy).
The best part about the story is what you experience with some of your crew members. Many enjoy special moments with you reflecting the entire reaper topic and strengthening the bond of friendship.
My most favourite scene is with Garik on the Citadel.

The final conclusion was a big topic on the internet and many called out the company.
My first ending was the so called “green ending” and I was quite happy with it.
I looked later also at the blue and red endings and I can partially understand the fuss other players made about it.
However, I think it leaves many things open which is not too bad. There is room for more stories to be told.

Bioware however plans now to deliver a better epilogue that shall give the desired closure.
I wouldn’t mind if they were to explain a few things at the end but I could also live without it because
the game and its story is great as it is.

Gameplay 4/5
Visuals 5/5
Soundtrack 5/5
Story 5/5


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