Review: Her Story (PC)

Her Story is a great unusual idea to tell a story you need to uncover and decipher yourself to actually reveal her story.


The entire game consists of a very simple interface and dozen of videos to watch. All in good video and audio quality.


There is no soundtrack. All is done via the videos you need to watch.


You need to watch the videos and use the right key words to unlock other videos. You need to understand the chronological order of events yourself. Via the right keywords you can then find other clues and information. It is all on yourself to understand what happened and to uncover her story. There is no guiding narrative or actual ending.


Its about a person which went missing. But why? When? And where? Slowly you get to understand who the person interrogated in the videos is, what happened and how certain people are related in this story.

Visuals: 4/5
Sound: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Story: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

Uncommon way to tell a story but it was entertaining no less if you like to find out the truth. Good English skills mandatory. Recommended.

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