Review: Final Fantasy XV (PS4)

After the game went back to the board twice and a very long development process the latest milestone on the famous RPG line was released. Was the long wait worth it? Does the long development period reflect in the final game?


The game looks amazing. A huge open world to explore. Day and night rhythm. Various weather effects. Creatures roaming the world. People living in cities.

Everything looks just good and that makes exploring fun too but its also dangerous. From the far sky you can watch, the lakes water, riding a chocobo or battling Titan.


The soundtrack is very good. A few tracks even outstanding but overall it doesn’t feel to be on par with some other Final Fantasy soundtracks.


Battle is action driven and sometimes fast paced depending on your enemy. Alas the camera is sometimes your biggest enemy in this game. Especially in smaller areas. A shame this is still a problem for some many games. Combat is heavily weapon driven and magic is playing a far less important role than other FF games. For someone who loves magic a bummer. The game however does it best at it and offers a wide range of activities before you approach the games final chapter.

You can explore the open world, do monster hunts, collect the royal weapons, go fishing and all sorts of quests.  There is a lot to do and most tasks make you travel almost every part of the world any way.


The major part of the game is open world and after some story parts you can do more or less whatever you want. The final parts are then linear story telling which is very good for the story and drives things very well forwards.

Most of the side quests tell you many things about the world and the people living there. It adds some nice things to the story. Noctis development in the game is slow but you can later notice a good difference.

The problem with the games story comes twofold: 1. the various plot holes and 2. the infamous chapter 13 which more or less ruins the entire game. The unsatisfactory ending didn’t help. It was mind boggling to see how one chapter ruined the whole experience and caused a very uncomfortable feeling. There are so many plot holes and missing information about key characters that the finale felt tacked together. The ending was understandable but didn’t feel right.

Another major problem was Kingslaive. It is not optional and should have been part of the game. Without it you lack major information about what happened and information about some characters.

There is a huge post on Reddit going into detail about the story issues.

Visuals: 5/5
Sound: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Story: 3/5
Overall: 4/5

A great game with quite a few problems. I recommend the game but to wait until the developers fulfilled their promise to adjust chapter 13 and the ending options.


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