Review: Final Fantasy 13-2 (PS3)

The sequel is quite a big change to its predecessor.
SquareEnix really listened to its fanbase and avid customers to understand why people disliked FF-13 so much and what they felt was missing from Final Fantasy.
They changed quite many things, added again Chocobos, cities to walk around in, side quests and changed the challenges.

The paradigm shift is here to stay but it was very much improved. It feels less like a chore, is faster and more dynamic and you have now indeed a little more freedom on your tactical decision how you want to combat an enemy. In some cases you still need to resort to specific strategies but it is by far not such grave anymore.
The camera is not so hectic anymore and it barely happens that it jumps around.

Battles feel much faster and fierce and with a few exceptions the frustration factor is gone. In fact the only enemy which #$#§% me off was Yomi but I took him down thou.
The added Chocobos, riddles (I hate the random clocks), side quests and a lot of funny moments added much fun and experience for me to the game.
The game is now also much less linear and allows you to roam the places as you like, to explore different maps and to use the time map to travel do different places.

FF-13 was already looking fantastic but they tweaked it a little bit and I really like it.
There have been many places in the game that I just enjoyed to watch or walk trough because it was somehow fun.

In short: Absolutely fantastic.
I am in love with the soundtrack. It consists of so many great pieces.
There are fast and slow pieces and some very nice vocal arrangements.
A big thumbs up from me!

The game continues shortly after where FF-13 ended.
But the time line was altered and some events never took place causing some people to have never come back.

The opening fight for Lightning is a very great orchestration and fun to watch and a spectacular event.
Actual story telling has improved and it is this time much more fun to watch the characters growing on the challenge and their determination.

During the course of the story you meet some of the FF-13 cast again and Sarah enjoys some very emotional moments throughout the game. The small super star is clearly the Moogle who accompanies Sarah from the beginning of the game.
He is super cute and very helpful in many ways in the game. Sometimes I felt sorry for throwing him around to collect some treasure.

The only part that disappointed me was the actual ending and that the so called seret ending didn’t deliver anything meaningful. Here the ball was seriously dropped.
I won’t go further here to avoid spoilers. There is a separate post about the ending.

Gameplay 4/5
Visuals 4/5
Soundtrack 5/5
Story 4/5


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