FF14ARR Screenshot May

Screenshots for May to show my Warrior/Paladin progress Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot April

A set of three new pictures from FF14. I finally got around to complete the augmented set for my Scholar and dyed it. Also got a good shot for my Bard during a cutscene and a good view by night on the Ceruleum processing plant. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot March

March was all about the grand opening of the Manderville Gold Saucer. Of course I was also on the hunt for some quick fun. Read more »

What defines a good game?

I talked about this topic before but it sparked anew with the release of the PlayStation 4 title “The Order:1886” and the controversy around its length. Is a short game a bad game? Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot February

New screenshots. I like especially how my Lancer looks now. Read more »

Developing a murder

Recently the topic came up again about the new age of artificial intelligence and how much power we should give it. Which decisions do we want to entrust an AI? Read more »

FF14ARR Eternal Bond

A couple in our free company decided to step into the light of the crystal and to form an eternal bond under the blessing of the twelve. It was a wonderful ceremony and a pleasure to attend. Following you will find some pictures from that evening. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot January

Happy new year. The new year is upon Eorzea and we celebrate it with new vista screenshots.

Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot December

The year is coming to an end and Eorzea is celebrating the cold season with gifts. See you next year. Read more »

FF14ARR Screenshot November

Here are some recent screenshots from my adventures in Eorzea. Very mild story spoilers.

Read more »

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