Lightning Returns, the demo (PS3)

Shortly before te game finally hits te European shores a demo is here to enlighten us. Does the demo make you want to play more?
The demo starts with a nice video leading to a party that is waiting for the worlds end hosted by Snow. Lightning kinda crashes the party and is joined by monsters spit out by Chaos. A battle between Snow and Lightning ensues leading to a chase. This is where you start to take control. The demo does a wonderful job to explain you the battle basics and controls.

Then you give chase to Snow and fight various monsters. You witness a few conversations between Lightning and Hope while following Snow trough the building. You also meet a very suspicious character who looks very much like Serah.
The demo also got various social media features to share your battle statistics and items via Facebook, Twitter and an in-game network feature. Using this in the demo will also lead to unlock another costume for Lightning in the final game.

At the end of the demo you fight a boss monster which explains the last important battle mechanic to stagger and kill enemies quickly and effective. Once you defeated the boss it spawns around like all other monsters and you can kill him over and over again to improve your battle points and post this on social media feeds and to join a competition to win prizes.

The demo ends with a last conversation between Hope and Lightning and gives away a final trailer for the upcoming game.

The demo is just right, not too short not too long. Its fun, the battle system is fast and can be adjusted. Everything in the game felt right. I still don’t like this action oriented combat system but at least it improved once more and is fun to use.
The only mechanic I am afraid of is the doom clock. The time is constantly ticking away at you. I’ll have to see for the final game how this impacts gameplay and fun factor.

The demo is really good and you should give it a try.

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