Gaming so far

If I remember correctly my first game console was an Atari. Then there wasnt anything for a loooong time.
Next was the VC-20 (Commodore) and after another long jump I got the SNES!
I skipped the N64 and GameCube because they werent too much of interest for me. However, I had a GameBoy that I played also alot.
Once more a looong jump in time up to the PS2 which is still a very great machine. Not too long ago I grabbed a Nintendo DS following the Wii Console on its launch day (that was fun!).

My actual gaming startet all back with the SNES. I still have the console with almost a dozen games. The SNES is not fully functional anymore thou. I’ll try to repair it. 😀
I never bought a N64, GC or PS1 since always one of my friends had one and we always met up for gaming so not everyone needed to buy the stuff. I still like to play my PS2 alot. It is a very great console and there are still alot good games out there for it, currently playing “Valkyrie Profile 2” but im slow on it.

Buying a Nintendo DS was a great idea. I love it. There are alot of cool games available. My favourites are “Another Code”, “Hotel Dusk: Room 215” and “Final Fantasy III” while waiting now for “Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2” and “Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings”.
Not too long after that the Wii popped up. I got one at launch day, damn it was hilarious but fun! 2 Hours waiting for the doors to open and 30 seconds of running over anyone in the way.
There is alot of crap out there for the Wii but some damn good games as well. My Top games for it are “Wii Sports” (Bowling!), “Excite Truck”, “Rayman Raving Rabbids 2” and now waiting for “Zack & Wiki”.
“Metroid Prime 3: Corruption” is great as well but I only play it irregular because it can’t keep me hooked and “Super Mario Galaxy” looks great but is so not my game.

My favorism for RPG’s began with “Final Fantasy VII” for PC. I rented it at a local store to try it out. The intro movie was so great for that time. I was fascinated. Then the main character Cloud jumped out of the train and the first battle startet. The game always(!) crashed after the first battle. That pissed me off! I bought a new PC just for playing FFVII and it is one of the greatest RPG ever. Since that day I am a fan of the FF-Series.
Actual console gaming startet with the SNES for me. I invested alot of money into converters and imported games and renting those. Of course the parents never understood that sort of thing but always tolerated it.

I love Online games. I played (or still do) “Ultima Online”, “Maple Story”, “Scions of Fate”, “World of Warcraft”, “Lord of the Rings Online”, “Guild Wars” and “Final Fantasy XI”.
In 2004 I joined “Final Fantasy XI” and im still around. Im currently waiting for arrival of the latest add-on called “Wings of the Goddess” and I consider FFXI the most challenging and difficult MMO out there. That has driven me nuts alot of times!

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