Final Fantasy XIV: Levequests and Party Combat (Alpha)

The latest alpha video was released to show examples of levequests and group combat. The quests look much more organized and easier to start and return. At the beginning of each phase you hear some kind of fanfare and see some big overlay text highlighting the phase. While this can give it a touch of heroism I assume once you heard it 100 times you get sick of it. I hope they add an option to disable this “feature”.

The good part is the map shows you the area where the quest takes place and once started also highlights your target objectives (spots of interests and enemies). That way there are no problems that another player could mess with your quest because the necessary objectives only spawn for you. Still it will be interesting to see what happens if a couple of people do the same quest simultaneous. Can you group up for those even after you started the quest? Will the quest monsters all spawn for the same players in the same spot?

The second part of the video is all about group combat versus big enemies. At first it might not look very spectacular but you can spot some very important parts. First off combat looks finally again impressive, full of action and it immediately reminds me of FF11 which is a very good thing. The given example shows a classic setup with tank, damage dealer, healer and supporter roles. For me this is fantastic news. You can also see the classic attack from behind to take advantage of a blind spot. You can see an Archer doing his job and a Mage switching between heals and offensive spells. One thing that is not fully clear to me is the size of the party. Is eight members the new normal standard size?

Once more I must say I’m impressed with what I see here. It looks like the reborn realm could be indeed the successful revival not only of FF14 but also for Final Fantasy in general.

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