Final Fantasy 13: Requiem of a Goddess (PS3)

Shortly before Lightning returns to conclude the saga I decided to finally take care for 13-2’s final DLC which bridges Lightnings events from 13-2 to 13-3, Lightnings actual return. How did Etros champion do in Valhalla. (DLC Spoilers ahead.)

The DLC is very simple and straight forward. Because Etro vanished time itself does too. Lightning fights an endless battle against Caius in Valhalla. Valhalla is a place were time does not really matter at all neither does life or death.
Caius is part of the chaos which consumes everything in existence.
During the battle against Caius Lightning is drawn into another place in Valhalla by Chaos. Here she fights Caius to break free from it and to fulfil the promise she gave to Serah and Etro.

The intro of this DLC starts of pretty well and throws you right away into the battle against Caius. There you will quickly face the problem of this DLC: the actual content is small and is just filled up by requiring you to fight Caius multiple times with only minor differences. In the first two fights you cannot win. With every fight Lightning gets points and becomes stronger. After a few levels it becomes possible to beat Caius. Then the fight switches to Chaos Bahamut.

Once you were able to beat both you get another cutscene which explains why Lightning went to sleep on the throne of eternity.

Story wise this is a nice explanation to what happened on Lightnings side while Noel and Serah fought Caius and the impending Chaos. Content wise the DLC is rather boring and consists of only one annoying and repeating fight. For people who seek a challenge there is more in it like beating the fight under certain conditions.

I would have wished for something with a bit more essence but at least the conclusion of Lightnings decision leads up a good way for her return. I assume that “Lightnings return” will explain this story piece anyway which will render the DLC kinda pointless.
This is not a must have DLC and only offers a bit more conclusion after the horrible ending that 13-2 presented.


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