FF14ARR Screenshots January (Minor Spoilers)

This month screenshot entry contains minor spoilers for the final boss of the “Labyrinth of the ancients” (Crystal Tower) and the current FF11 cross-over event.

Let us start with the current FF11 cross-over event “Burgeoning Dread”. It pits you against a tower sized Shantotto. The fight is simply but fun. The FATE for it repeats frequently so you won’t have to wait too long. The final cutscene for this quest was worth it and Shantotto does not disappoint. 😉
ffxiv_21012014_224041 ffxiv_21012014_223345 ffxiv_21012014_223333 ffxiv_21012014_222901 ffxiv_21012014_222853

There is another cross-over event from Dragon Quest called “Breaking Brick Mountains”. It follows the same scheme with two linked FATE events and the final cutscene was great. I loved the reaction from my character. ^^

Next you see my Level 15 Archer who I used for both cross-over events and my Chocobo companion dressed in the Black Mage barding. Doesn’t he look cool?

ffxiv_21012014_221539 ffxiv_21012014_221225

I was also able to obtain my normal Relic for my Summoner. Its a nice book.

ffxiv_18012014_132413 ffxiv_18012014_132403

Finally two pictures from the “Labyrinth of the Ancients”. The entrance to the Crystal Tower. The picures show you the actual entrance of the dungeon and the other one the final boss. All I can say that this is so far the best and most fun dungeon in the game.

ffxiv_04012014_233104 ffxiv_04012014_225523

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