Frequently Asked Questions

What is this homepage about?

This page is all about my take on computer games, its industry and related fields. I write down what I like, detest or just simply my experience  or opinion about various topics.

I saw you wrote some game reviews, are you a critic?

Hell no. I write these for fun and to share my opinion on games with friends and whoever else is interested.

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Your game reviews often read very biased. Don’t you think you should be more objective?

No, i am on purpose biased and subjective. I write these based on my personal feelings, opinions and experience. That way everyone who reads these knows exactly where it comes from.

For someone who is a big Nintendo supporter there are hardly any reviews for Nintendo games. Why?

Because I am an employee of Nintendo. If I were to write positive about our games people would (for a good reason) believe  I advocate them because I’m an employee. If I were to write in a negative way about our platform or games one could question if I bad mouth my employer and its products. Its a walk on a two sided edge that i can only loose.

I found some typos here and there.

Finders keepers.

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