Early Access: Epic Tavern (PC)

Recently an early access title on Steam picked my interest, called Epic Tavern. It mixes Tavern and adventurer management. Its not complete yet but shaping up quite nicely. 

During the day you manage your tavern or rather your guests. Some want to talk, need food or drink, want a room or want to join your band of adventurers. During the night you send a party out for an adventure. You try to mix the parties skills properly based in the quests requirements and send em off. Then it is just watching them go about it and what they bring home later.

The quest part at night is a bit boring and needs the already installed but not working yet fast forward button. The post quest overview screen is also too full of information and its difficult to follow what loot the party brought home.

Inventory management is not difficult but very user unfriendly. Comparing your long list of items per category against your party is not possible. You have to do it one by one for each character and compare yourself. The developers seem to be aware of it and working on something better.

The developer is actively communicating on its Facebook page and keeps its Steam page update too. This is a good sign and I hope they make the announced progress and improvements. This could shape up to be a very nice title. I’ll keep my eye on its further development.


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