E3: Ubisoft press conference

Ubisoft is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The show on stage was fun and loaded with various games and platforms delivering much new content in the next coming year. I especially liked their approach that led the show:

Gaming is adventure
Gaming is sharing
Gaming is life

The show was fun and filled with a variation of trailers and actual game play.

  • Rayman Origins: A funny, colourful, beautiful and challenging jump and run game.
  • Driver: San Francisco: This game doesn’t turn me on. It is missing something unique that yells “this is THE racing game because …”. NFS looks much better and more interesting to me.
  • Far Cry 3: Stunning visuals, explosive action and good character expressions. Still I believe this is going to be just another shooter that looks superior but that is all to it.
  • Brothers in arms: Furious 4:  World War II again? Wasn’t the shooter genre over it? Why is anyone going back? Can’t you stick to new stuff or create something unique? I’m fed with WWII.
  • The adventures of Tintin: Looks like a solid jump and run based game with a good narrative plot. Only the colours make me miss the touch of the original comics.
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier: Awesome action set in an alternative or future conflict. I like the setting and the idea of a “future soldier”. The four-player co-op is fantastic. Almost a suer buy for me.
  • Ghost Recon: Online: For PC and free? Sold! Seems to be a solid online shooter and your accounts can be connected bewteen the Online and Future Soldier game.
  • Trackmania: Canyon: Another racing game. Really a lot this year at E3. Again nothing special about this one as far as I can tell from the video. Too bad the sound dropped in the video while the two ladies were on stage. Why didn’t anyone bring them a normal Microphone?
  • Raving Rabbids: Alive & kicking: Another mini game collection just this time for Microsoft Kinect. The game features up to 4 person multiplayer. The bunnies are as silly as always but I didn’t see anything that makes this Rabbids game special in any way.
  • Just Dance 3: The franchise turns multi-platform: The third instalment looks like it is still fun and entertaining like in the beginning. I am pretty sure it is good for having a party.
  • Rocksmith: They didn’t tell or show much yet but the idea sounds great. A game that actually teaches you something. This is a true spirit to enhancing and broadening the audience that uses games.
  • Your shape: Fitness evolved 2012: Unfortunately only an announcement. They didn’t show anything yet or explained any new or improved features.
  • Assassins Creed: Revelations: Ezio’s final chapter. The trailer alone was already very interesting. The level shown on stage was really awesome and amazing. The city was realistic, believable and alive. The action was cool (in the sense of Ezio), game play looked very fluent and enjoyable.


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