E3 hype machine

E3 was again a huge hype machine: a collection of expectations, disappointments, surprises, weird moments and hard to understand decisions. Here goes my mini-review of things that catches my attention.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

This is a very customer friendly feature. But it makes me wonder about one thing: If its possible to do this with an update why now and not from launch? Its a great opportunity for new customers to enjoy the Xbox 360 back-catalogue and for others to get rid of the old console. But why not at launch to directly enrich the features for customers? This would probably made it easier for some customers to migrate to the next generation hardware. To me it looks a lot like damage-control because the Xbox One is still a weak system in the market and lacks behind in features and great titles compared to the PlayStation 4. Also the feature is limited as of now to around 100 titles and the usability of this feature heavily depends if the games customers want do join this list.


Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront Presentation

During EA’s E3 stage show Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir presented Star Wars Battlefront. Even thou she talked about a personal story and emotion she was dull and lacked any emotion. If you talk about emotions you should show some. Out of all bad people during E3 she was one of the least prepared for this. Even viewers from far away who watch the show trough the internet can see and hear it if someone is not up to it. It feels staged in a literal and bored sense. I want to get hyped. Drawn in. Excite me! But certainly not like this. Fortunately the gameplay presentation was very well done and it looks like we are in for a very great Star Wars game.


Ports, Remasters, Remakes

I am so sick of it. Do we need to re-publish, re-hash and re-milk everything in existence? Can’t we use the money we already have to invest in proper sequels? New IP? Better Services? Why should I buy this game a second, third or fourth time? The games industry lives trough innovation and iteration. But ports, remakes and remasters are not part of that. They do not bring innovation or iteration. A new sequel or an improved hardware revision is an iteration. A new IP or hardware generation is innovation. Even a very good sequel can be innovative. Now you might ask if I ever purchased a port or so? Yes, I can count right now 4 games and only for one of them I owned the original. For the other three I never owned the original. This is part of that business to get people like me to buy the game and get into the franchise or IP where I never met the original. Sure, you can get old and new customers with it. But the games industry cannot strive on it. I hope that this rush created trough the emerging digital markets will calm down and we focus on new content, new IP, new innovations.


Microsoft HoloLens

Talking about innovation. I was very impressed with the demonstration Microsoft delivered here. It looks like HoloLens got a huge potential. I still wonder if it will be able to work this flawless in a real living room environment where you got weird arrangements, uneven places, different colours, etc. If they can work it out this can be used for a wide array of appliances far beyond gaming. I am looking forward to see more of it.


These were just a few of the things going around and the internet discussions are still in full force. Some of the feedback surprises me while other things make me nod in agreement. Business as usual.


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