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Defenders of Eorzea

The new trailer for the upcoming patch is available. Finally some new content for me that I can enjoy (I detest EX fights.)

Review: Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns (PS3)

The last and final chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII saga. After the sudden and disappointing ending of XIII-2 I was very critical about the trilogy-thing and whether this third game can deliver a proper closure. The review does not contain spoilers. Read more »

Final Fantasy: Retro-recap of 13 & 13-2

FF14ARR Pharos Sirius Theme

I love this theme.

FF14ARR A realm awoken Trailer

FFXIV CHAT: Voices Of The Ascended Pod Cast #11

Another funny round on a Sunday night. First beta details were allowed to be discussed in public (partial lift of NDA).  

FFXIV CHAT: Voices Of The Ascended Pod Cast #4

Podcast #4 for the Voices of the Ascended is out. It was again fun. Thanks to everyone. Video behind the cut.

Read more »

Guild Wars: BdSK vs. Ilsundur, Lord of Fire

Yesterday I was browsing trough my old Fraps records and found this piece from Guild Wars. I quickly slapped it together in the Windows Movie Maker and put it online. Game footage is not edited in any way, quality isn’t very high. Good old days. xD

Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn – A new beginning

After “the end of an era” video we got now the treatment of “a new beginning”. It is mostly content we already saw in the last video but still offers a few new scenes at the end. It still gives me shivers every time I watch it.

Guild Wars 2: 28.08.2012

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