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E3 hype machine

E3 was again a huge hype machine: a collection of expectations, disappointments, surprises, weird moments and hard to understand decisions. Here goes my mini-review of things that catches my attention. Read more »

Developing a murder

Recently the topic came up again about the new age of artificial intelligence and how much power we should give it. Which decisions do we want to entrust an AI? Read more »

Why do you pirate? The second hook!

On my first article about why people pirate I got very constructive feedback from many different people. Thank you all for your time reading it and sharing your time with me to give me your opinions. In this second article on this topic I would like to touch on some points again to clear some points up and also to take note of some feedback I received. Read more »

Are toxic players a necessity?

Jerome Jones is a designer at Robot Entertainment and he believes you have to live with toxic players and that those are an asset to your game. I believe they are the most dangerous kinds of players because they damage your game, your company image and your customer base. In the end it can end up hurting your bottom line. Read on to let me explain why I believe toxic players are dangerous. Read more »

E3 2014

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was again dominating the news for a week where every developer tried to be the best, biggest and loudest in the house. But something was missing this year. Read more »

Fusion between GAME and BIU failed

The two German gaming industry lobby group GAMES and BIU were planning to merge.
They failed. That is really sad and is rather to the detriment of both groups members and us gamers. (Little rant ahead but bear with me.) Read more »

Square Enix trying to reboot itself

A recent article on MCV UK looked at Square Enix attempt to reboot itself and to get its IPs back on their feet. SE has finished their structural changes but I believe they are not done yet. Looking at recent events and at their future business it looks like they want to eat more than they can chew.

Read more »

Why do you pirate?

Some weeks ago I polled some gaming discussion groups and friends on why they pirate. More or less everyone is doing it at some point. No matter if its video, music or games. The reasons vary and many have been mentioned before but to me they show an important change in social behaviour and customer demands. Below you can read a summary of the information I got from people all over the world.

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News media and shootings

Usually I stay out of this topic but I want to address it this time in a general approach to news media and shootings. In our age almost every time when there is a shooting the news media of all kinds are quick to blame it towards violent video games. But why?

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The MMO Market 2012


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