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FF14ARR Pharos Sirius Theme

I love this theme.

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess

Last week I attended a concert in Berlin called “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess”. The music of the Zelda games composed by Koji Kondo performed by a live orchestra with choir.

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Distant Worlds – music from Final Fantasy

Last weekend I attended both Distant Worlds concerts in Munich. It was a blast. Both were really awesome and on each day they had a fine selection of titles they would only play on that day. because both days featured titles I wanted to hear live I had to go to both. To me the highlights were clearly the songs performed by Susan Calloway: Distant Worlds (FFXI), Answers (FFXIV), Eyes on me (FFVIII), Kiss me goodbye (FFXII). But one piece stood out among all and that was the Opera scene from FFVI “Maria and Draco”. It was performed live by three singers and it was simply amazing. It was definitely worth the prices and the travel and I’ll be there again if they indeed return in 2014.

Symphonic Odysseys – Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu

On the 9th July the Cologne Philharmonics presented “Symphonic Odysseys – Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu”. Uematsu san was there too for signing autographs. The music performance was extremely well and absolutely awesome. They played from a range of Uematsu’s works. The only down side was the organization of the signing hour from the philharmonics side.

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First update in 2011

Buh.. long time since I really wrote something up here.
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Another movie night for me

I had another movie night for myself.

Watching “Eden Log” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end”.

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Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight

Now im trough the third cycle of the 2nd CD I bought: “Linkin Park” Minutes to midnight.
Like usually LP have delivered a great album with two bonus tracks and additional content. Really good. Thats what fans like. 😀

The songs are all LP like but still differ. Good to see they still like to experiment. Only one of the remixes on the CD is not my thing, it sounds akward. ^^; (What I’ve done – Distorted remix)

If you like LP this album is a must.

One Republic – dreaming out loud

Yesterday I bought two new CDs. One of’em was the Album from “One Republic” dreaming out loud.
It’s fantastic. I love it. Theres not a single song on it I do not like.
The frontman has an awesome voice and the sound of this band is indeed for dreaming.
Doesn’t happen often that a CD/Band surprises and enjoys me that much.

Two thumbs up! I really recommend this Album.

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