Beta: The secret world (PC)

I recently played the game “The secret world” during the first beta weekend.
The lore looks interesting and promising and a world where all myths and conspiracy theories are true sounds like
one hell of a place.

So far the beta didn’t buy me in yet. The beginning was good but the weird feeling combat system requires improvement. It feels slow and extremely repetitive from the start. I also miss the “red line” in the game to follow the main plot.
Quests are scattered troughout the place: A NPC in the house, a lost mobile phone in the park, a note on a pizza box or the “we left” notice on an abandoned house. You can only accept a very small number of quests at once which gave me sometimes the feeling the game is artificially holding me back. Making me slower like the old era games that used such methodes to increase the lenght of a game by such means.

I also ran out quickly of quests that I could do alone in the beta which gave me the impression the game is either missing something or requires grind (oh hell please no).
Later I learned that the beta did not include all quests on purpose which makes me hope it will be better for release.

Player communication does work but the chat system looked small and weak and did not really promote players to actively play together which I consider an extremely crucial part in an MMO.

Maybe I will be able to join another weekend beta to get a look but I will wait for release thou.
Even thou I will look into the release I can already tell I will play this game maximum for three months unless
the release version delivers me any kind of hooking surprise.

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