Aion – The Tower of Eternity : 5th US/EU Beta/Preview event

Another beta event. In my opinion they are doing too many.
They are tiring out the people who are interested and the Beta boards are full of people stating they will cancel pre-order or simply leave it be.

I tried out tow more classes namely the Sorcerer and the Gladiator.

The Gladiator is very powerful and can dish out some good damage. In PvE definitely rocks.
I didn’t try out PvP but I assume he will have a hard time in 1 on 1 or small scale battle due to the ranged attack possibilities.
In large scale battles and sieges I believe he will be able to shine.

The sorcerer is diseased by GCD = Glass-canon disease.
Why do all sorcerers have to be designed so overpowered that the developers need to turn them into fine glass?
Make it less powerful, make the glass some sort thicker into a soft package to avoid it breaking and simply leave the sorcerer class not overpowered but simply as a another choice of gaming and play-style.
I love Mages from my Heart but the current Generation just fails.

I also found some problems / bugs which again I reported to the beta forums.

Fire Summon I
If background music is tuned down very low and you hear mainly the environmental and battle sounds then th Fire Summon sounds like an old car before it dies.
Especially when you run longer distances for example from town to town and the summon is running with ou its a very annoying sound.

It should be either tuned down or changed.

Summons in Guard mode/following
If a summon is following you then its not walking with you its just trying to keep up with you.
If you walking it stands still and waits til you moved a few meters and then jumps a few steps to move up with you. If the disctance gets a few steps too far the summon is actually skipping a few steps to keep up with you.
This kind of movement looks broken and just “wrong”.

A simple solution would be an invisible string tied between the master and the summon. That way the summon would move smoothly and at the same pace with its master.

Summon teleport
Call forth your summon in Sanctus. Now use the teleport statues to jump to the other end of the city. Now the summon is forcibly dismissed.

In such cases the summon shall teleport with you.

I tried to setup some Macros and noticed some commands do not work.

Not working:
[%TargetofTarget] (tried all kinds of possible spellings

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