Aion: So called open beta

The open beta started and I have two new issues to report, hello beta boards.

For the so called open beta I updated my Aion client up to the most recent version.
For the following I should also note I’m also using the software firewall ZoneAlarm.

Today I started Aion to check out the current beta phase.
I typed in my credentials into the login screen.
Yet that moment the client tried to go online. The firewall noticed the program (the actual client) was changed since last launch and tried to ask for permission if this change is okay and if the connection should be permitted.

However, the client is using a “forced full screen mode”. The firewall cannot move its popup to the front so I could confirm it.
The client also does not respond to Alt+Tab, Alt-F4 or to Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Unfortunately the client also does not have a time out set. Therefore the client will wait until the end of time.

Due to the described behaviour there is no way to switch back to the system or to change the focus ultimately resulting in a lock.
The user is locked off his system.
The client should be changed to a non-full screen mode and shall allow the user to switch the program focus or to force-fully close it (Alt+F4).

The Patcher from the NCsoft Launcher needs some improvement.

I downloaded via BitTorrent the 1.5 Patch (3 GigaByte Zip file).
Setup installed all file properly.
NCsoft Patcher picked up the installed file and started patching.

During the process of decompressing the patch the hard disk ran out of space.
The patcher stopped with an error message reporting “out of disk space”.

I made additional room on the HDD and clicked on “Repair” so the patcher can resume the process.
However, the Repair button is misleading. This function actually expects some sort of “repair patch”. The operation was cancelled.
I restarted the entire Launcher and the patcher restarted the process.
During the process the patcher encountered another problem. The given message could not explain the problem too me.
This time the repair button actually did something and after a few seconds the patching was resumed.

The entire process to patch the client up to 1.5.0.x took four(!) hours, download time excluded.
In four hours I usually install a full 10 GigaByte FF11 patch (scratch install).
I recommend to look into the Launcher and Patcher for improvement.

Any anti-hack measures are welcome but they should be always(!) on the server side where any user cannot touch it.

GameGuard is an old dinosaur of ages past.
Games like MapleStory have proven this in a large scale.

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