Aion EU “Open” Beta

Open Beta, soon is release and there is still a shitload to do for Aion.
The beta boards are overflowing with issues.

My latest report.
In the Elyos Starter Area there is a quest to kill “Turin Outlaws” and another to collect “OZ’s beads”.

If you kill Turin Outlaws in front/around of the Odium refiner all is fine.
If you go behind the mountain (down from where Tutty is and the street to Pernos(NPC)) then the Turin Outlaws are not counted for the quest.

If you kill those flying glowworms close to NPC Pernos then you can collect the quest item.
If you advance on the street a little bit to the first T-cross (where the right path is a dead end with a waterfall) and you kill the glowing mobs there you won’t be able to get the quest item.

I highly recommend to change this and make all those monsters able to fit into the quests (count kill / drop quest specific item).
Alternative change the name of the NPCs monsters that do not work towards the quests.
Last and for a player most inconvenient option would be to alter the quest text to mention that it must be the mobs from a certain area.

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