AION: 3rd EU Beta event

Another beta phase went by. Please remember everything below is subject to a beta phase.

Starter area

The Asmodian starter area looks awfully similar to the Elyos.
Even the quest are the same (Black Airon Meat, Collect Flowers, Collect Grain Sacks, etc.).
I hope that this kind of “mirror” will conclude on level 15.
That is so far my impression playing classes on both sides.


Bugs & Co.

Pandaemonium, NPC “Therf” for the ribbon quest refers in the text to a place-holder “[STR_DIC_W_DC1_9]”.

NPC “Garuntat” in Ishalgen is opening the conversation with me with: “Er, it’s [%username], actually.”

These two place holder usages should be fixed.

The quest text for finding the corn in the Mau Fields is misleading.
Players assume they need to pick the corn from the plants which doesn’t work.
The corn you need is dropped by Mau-type enemies.
The follow quest to this series will have the player pick the corn from the selectable plants.
Wording of this quest text should be adjusted.


Path Finding

Its amazing that even the latest games still face path-finding issues.
You get stuck on the side of trees, your character jumps back and forth, or a small gathering point which is directly in front you triggers the message “the object is out of range”.

It is easy to see that classical “A to B” path finding is used. If even the smallest obstacle is in the way your character gets stuck.


Camera issues

In combination with the path finding issue the camera often does not do its job properly.
If you get close to a tower or a wall the camera will try to adjust.
But it will simply try to “get closer”. The camera has no intelligence.
Otherwise it would try to re-align instead of zooming in so much that you have the wall, a barrier or something similar in your view.

Either the camera should be more intelligent and drive around you and only slightly zoom in or if there is an obstacle in the way the object should become transparent to allow a free view.

Especially in cities like Sanctum and Pandaemonium this was a negative effect when walking trough the streets and buildings.


Screenshot function

Very often during the 3rd beta event when I took a screenshot the game/screen would freeze for several seconds.
I wonder why is that?
If I use an external tool to take screenshots then this effect doesn’t occur.
Very weird. I recommend to check this functionality again.
Players should not be encouraged to run any(!) kind of external tools
because the game lacks the function or works not properly.


Ranger Class

Out of all classes I tried out during the 1st and 3rd closed beta event this was the most disappointing one.
The class feels incomplete and the usability (user friendliness as in playing) is horrible.
This class is definitely not for me. I stopped playing it very soon (close to Level 11).


Cleric Class

I played on Elyos a Chanter up to Level 17 and the Cleric feels very much the same (obviously).
The similarities are in the beginning extremely big and only change later from support skills to stuff like “Dispel”. My subjective feeling is that the Cleric is weaker in PvE compared to Chanter.


Templer Class

This class feels very good. Good attack and defense skills.
Was fun playing it. Offensive its cool. Being a tank is not for me but
now I know we got a good tank class (aka meat ball).


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