Are toxic players a necessity?

Jerome Jones is a designer at Robot Entertainment and he believes you have to live with toxic players and that those are an asset to your game. I believe they are the most dangerous kinds of players because they damage your game, your company image and your customer base. In the end it can end up hurting your bottom line. Read on to let me explain why I believe toxic players are dangerous. Read more »

Defenders of Eorzea

The new trailer for the upcoming patch is available. Finally some new content for me that I can enjoy (I detest EX fights.)

Throwback Thursday

I’ll join for once: Throwback Thursday. Me at Nintendo Benelux around 2010. Read more »

Titanfall (PC) Free Weekend

Last weekend Origin was running its first free to play weekend where you can try out a full game for 48 hours for free. They started off with one of their most anticipated titles for this year, Titanfall. I was one the fence for this game for long and decided to skip but this weekend gave me a good opportunity to take a look. Read more »

E3 2014

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) was again dominating the news for a week where every developer tried to be the best, biggest and loudest in the house. But something was missing this year. Read more »

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