Final Fantasy 14 ARR: Valentines day

Even in Eorzea the love is spreading. Lovely hearts everywhere, fancy chocolate is exchanged and flowers are ordered. Come and see some of the love that is spreading trough the realm. Make the jump for some screenshots. Read more »

Fusion between GAME and BIU failed

The two German gaming industry lobby group GAMES and BIU were planning to merge.
They failed. That is really sad and is rather to the detriment of both groups members and us gamers. (Little rant ahead but bear with me.) Read more »

Lightning Returns, the demo (PS3)

Shortly before te game finally hits te European shores a demo is here to enlighten us. Does the demo make you want to play more? Read more »

Final Fantasy 13: Requiem of a Goddess (PS3)

Shortly before Lightning returns to conclude the saga I decided to finally take care for 13-2’s final DLC which bridges Lightnings events from 13-2 to 13-3, Lightnings actual return. How did Etros champion do in Valhalla. (DLC Spoilers ahead.) Read more »

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