Final Fantasy: Retro-recap of 13 & 13-2

FF14ARR Screenshots January (Minor Spoilers)

This month screenshot entry contains minor spoilers for the final boss of the “Labyrinth of the ancients” (Crystal Tower) and the current FF11 cross-over event.

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Reasons to leave MMOs

We all do it: At some point we leave a MMO. Maybe we stop with the MMO entirely, make a break or switch to another MMO. The reasons can be many. In most cases very subjective reasons which are at that point important to us. Not worthy to others. But why is it so hard to leave sometimes? Or when it is very easy?

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Square Enix trying to reboot itself

A recent article on MCV UK looked at Square Enix attempt to reboot itself and to get its IPs back on their feet. SE has finished their structural changes but I believe they are not done yet. Looking at recent events and at their future business it looks like they want to eat more than they can chew.

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