Gamescom was fun

Games Developers Conference and Gamescom in Cologne was a lot of fun. I took many pictures. I am now sorting trough notes an all and will soon start posting stuff from it. So brace yourself, my Gamescom spam is incoming. 🙂

Twittering for GDC Europe & GamesCom 2012

Almost time for the Games Developers Conference Europe and GamesCom Cologne 2012. Again I plan to Twitter during that time about this or that I see there. If you want to follow my weird words you can do so here: Amargosasun@Twitter.

Screenshots: In the beginning…. Final Fantasy XIV

More screenshots. This time from my beginnings in Final Fantasy XIV.

Star Wars: The old Republic will add free to play model

I fucking knew it. There is no other way to say it. It just came to light that the subscriber numbers are now below 1 million but above 500.000. They will add a separate business model for free to play while keeping the subscriber model up for premium customers with added benefits.

Most players saw it coming long ago. I think this will actually benefit the players, the community for this game and also the company who is running it. 😉

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