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Screenshots: Ye Olde Final Fantasy XI

I think I will turn this into a regular thing releasing my screenshots here once a week. 🙂 This time I will show some more recent ones from Final Fantasy XI.

Screenshots: Star Trek Online

As much as the bugs in Star Trek Online turn me crazy I still can get some fun out of it because I can play together with some real life friends. Here are some of the more recent pictures.

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Screenshots: My Favourites from GW1

In anticipation for Guild Wars 2 I went trough some of the screenshots I took in Guild Wars 1 and I picked some of my favourites.

Violence in Games

Recently the topic about violence in games has sparked again. Mostly reignited by the “Hitman” trailer (killing Nuns?) and the E3 2012 presentations (I look at you “God of War”). Does violence sell so well? Is violence a necessary evil?

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Review: The Secret World

A new MMO, a new challenger. The secrets world setting is definitely unique and brings in a new way of looking at the genre and is also getting rid of levels and the typical class system. Funcom has a track record of messing up online games so the question is: did they learn from past mistakes?

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Woman in games: Only good for butts and boobs?

In a game discussion group on Facebook someone posted a link to an article talking about woman in games or how they are used for games. First the article itself: Gamasutra: Opinion: Video games and Male Gaze – are we men or boys?

Yes, I believe woman are used mainly for looks. Even more than that: Even if you want it or not games often slap boobs literally in your face. Does that makes sense?

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Shigeru Miyamoto is concerned about violence in games too

I almost missed this. ^^;

In an interview with IGN famous Shigeru Miyamoto voiced concerns about violence too. He believes the industry is focussing to much on violence and games around guns.

There we have it. One more voice expressing concerns that violence as a form of entertainment in games is stalling and not used to express something but simply to shock or disgust.

Source: IGN Shigeru Miyamoto Talks Competition at E3

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