Review: inFamous (PS3)

This game puts you in the shoes of Cole who attains super powers based on electricity.
To make it short: A very great game I can highly recommend.
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No Integrated Memory in PS VITA

As much as I must admit that the PS VITA is a nice piece of hardware I’m very disappointed to hear there is no internal memory. That means if you want to save stuff and download anything you’ll need a memory card. Now the PS VITA focusses very heavily on the PS Store, Downloads, DLC and online distribution for games and movies. Even a basic user will not be able to get around to buy at least the smallest available memory card.

If you consider that you get actually a higher hardware price but in a hidden way. The two biggest cards will add additional 50€/32gb or 99€/64gb. (Based on current US$.)

Ill watch this fact, the prices for the cards and if any card at all will get bundled with the hardware. That will be a big factor for how and when I might buy one.

Mass Effect: Garrus Tribute

Garrus Vakarian is my favourite character from the Mass Effect universe. That is why I am very happy to see such an awesome fan tribute and I want everyone else to see it too. One of the best I ever saw.

Final Fantasy 10 HD Remake

During the TGS a HD remake was announced to celebrate the 10th anniversary of FF10. Not much details were shared yet. I really like the idea and look forward to it because it is one of the best FF games.

Of course such an announcement sparks the fans to cry again for a remake of FF7. Why cant we simply be happy to get this great piece? FF7 is a very important classic and got a special place in many FF fans heart. Touching something precious like this could easily end in desaster. Also the company (now SquareEnix)  has changed in almost drastic degrees since the game was made.

I hope FF10HD will face more than a simple uplift to HD resolution. I hope they improve the general graphics a little bit and most important fix the chocobo race which was broken in the original release. Apart from that I wish for the exact same game. I assume they’ll add achievements too.

If the price for the remake is fair as well I’ll love to play it again.

Final Fantasy Theatrythm

Another game to milk the franchise. Rhythm games have already peaked. Given the name it will be bought thou by many FF fans. The first videos from the game look nice. The game seems to bring in over 50 tunes from various instalments of the franchise. The idea to have cgi sequences from the past games to run in the background is definitely very nice.
I heard al4eady many complaints about the visual style to which I cannot agree. The game does indeed not look fantastic but it is a rhythm game and the actual music is the key. So far it looks promising on this aspect that they focus on the music. The only thing I worry for is the actual selection of tunes. Many times I feel like SquareEnix and fans alike neglect some of the greatest tunes coming from the games 11 & 12.
I hope the developers make good use of the extra storage and memory they got after they moved this title from DS to 3DS.

Cowboys & Aliens

Recently we watched this movie at the cinema. A very good movie. Admitted the trailer was giving a little bit of a bad lead and therefore creating expectations. The movie is 70% western. The plot is simple and upheld by the two main actors Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford.
A very positive note on this movie is the fact that it takes itself serious and is not following Hollywood trend of silly jokes that often break the realism of serious topics. Further they don’t follow suit with common happy endings, this movie takes a different approach.

I’ll give this movie 3.5 of 5 stars.

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