Supreme Court Rules In Favour Of First Amendment

I am very glad the supreme court did not rule against the creativity and entertainment of video games. The court expressed that this kind of creativity is part of the free speech, protected by the first amendment. Children have a right of free speech too but parents are actually responsible for their children.

“Disgust is not a valid basis for restricting expression.” – Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia

E3: Nintendo press conference

I’ll focus on the games shown on stage but ignoring the announcement wheel of 3rd parties. My comments are short and simple. I don’t want to open room for rumours or speculations neither do I want to comment on our business practices. The show was nice and steady with a touching opening for Zelda’s 25th Anniversary. Which was just the beginning for the games to come.
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E3: Sony press conference

Admitted Sony got the best show. They did a great job and presented many interesting games and also new hardware. Some titles really got me interested. I was surprised to learn that the PS3 generated 30% of the Netflix traffic which apparently is the biggest stand-alone share. Well, maybe time to make better and more attractive prices especially in Europe for such services. Once the prices reach a fairer level (price vs. benefit) I’ll join. Now on to the games.

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E3: Ubisoft press conference

Ubisoft is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. The show on stage was fun and loaded with various games and platforms delivering much new content in the next coming year. I especially liked their approach that led the show:

Gaming is adventure
Gaming is sharing
Gaming is life

The show was fun and filled with a variation of trailers and actual game play.

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E3: Electronic Arts press conference

Now EA’s press conference had much more buzz and bang. For the most part I liked it. Quite a few good and interesting titles. I really enjoyed the comment about “no random celebrities” even thou they didn’t stick to it. What do celebrities add to such game presentations? In my opinion nothing. Point in case for EA it made it actually look over the top like that had to fulfil a contract or such. But lets get on the games, shall we.

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E3: Microsofts press conference

Below is my personal opinion of Microsoft’s E3 conference held on 6th June 2011.

In general I was disappointed. They showed only very few really interesting games. The rest was unnecessary, uninteresting or plain crap. This year they really had no big buzz. The presentation felt lacklustre. A few words on each game they showed below.
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