Aufstieg in einem MMO

Das Leveln ist schon seit Urzeiten in fast jedem MMOG ein fester Bestandteil und ist heutzutage wohl kaum noch wegzudenken – doch spielt es für euch eine elementare Rolle, sobald ihr euch in´s Spiel einloggt? Geht es euch darum, möglichst schnell und effizient das maximale Level zu erreichen oder seid ihr eher der ruhigere Typ, welcher das Spiel mehr oder weniger genießt und das bereits erreichte Level nur nebensächlich im Auge behält? Inwiefern erfüllt das Aufleveln zudem tatsächlich den Zweck eines MMOGs?

Dazu habe ich mich eher mehr über das Wesen des Levelns in MMORPGs ausgelassen.
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Offline cheating:
Anyone should do it like they want. No one is forced to. Everyone is individual enough to make his own choice if and on which game he wants to cheat. Reasons for cheating are no strangers business.

Some poeple have a real strong “cheaters are the scum” behavior which is really intolerant, rude and despicable.

I sometimes cheat too. For example in games where I really enjoy the story plot but are stuck due to the high difficulty. In those cases I cheat sometimes, sure the games becomes extremly easy because of this. On the other hand I am now able to fully enjoy the plot to the end.

Also some games offer some kind of extra fun with Cheats. Walk trough Walls, hidden Sounds or Levels, huge heads, replace characters in a game and so forth.

Online cheating:
This is the other (dark) side of the coin.
In case someone cheats in an online game then every other player is affected by it as a whole.
It is simply unfair if one Cheater claims an advantage compared to the others. No matter the reason.

Some might say: Why am I damaging others if my character walks faster? Or if I duplicate an item? The answer, even if I repeat myself: It is unfair.

Why you ask?
If “your” character is running faster then normal…
…then you can escape more easily from a threat while other (legit players) maybe can’t and have to face the consequences in the game, like it was supposed to.
…then you walk faster from A to B while others have to use the same normal time for the distance.

If “you” cheat yourself an item (e.g. duplication) you’ll gain an unfair advantage.
Other players have to use legit fair ways to get (such) an item with hard work, farming or creating it in the game (“crafting”).

Offline everyone should use cheats like he feels, needs or wants to and others simply should tolerate it.
Online it is unfair, dishonorable and a scam, disrespecting all other players.

What do you think about cheating? Share your thoughts.

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