Tales of Vesperia: First strike

The movie is a prequel to the actual game “Tales of Vesperia”.
Animation style is on par with the game and the synchronisation is good.
The actual story in the movie is simple but proves very good to tell the story of the main characters
that took place before the game. The story is independent from the game.

For friends of anime, the “Tales of” series and the actual Vesperia-game a good recommendation.
Also very good is that they kept the original (and superior) Japanese Vesperia song in the credits.

The bad part with this DVD is the way it is labelled: “Limited Special Edition”
This is by far not the case. The DVD case is made of poor cheap material.
There are no special features on the DVD, no specials added, no soundtrack.
I’d go as far as to say that this is deceptive.

The movie gets a 4/5 from me but the actual product as 2.5/5.

RIFT Beta 5 Videos

I joined the RIFT Beta at Phase 5.
A typical MMORPG delivering the standard food for its players but also real time events,
invading forces (PvE, PvP) and a nice progression system.
The very versatile class role system allows you to build your class like you want it.
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Movie Update

A good action movie. Nice story. I like Angelina Jolie.
Until the point where the main twist is revealed it’s very interesting.
Only the last few minutes come weak.
All in all a good action movie worth watching.
The movie gets 3.5 of 5 Stars from me.

I was very sceptical about this one.
But it got the right touch and feeling.
Good action, all characters are very good resembled and a plot that plays strong.
Only Hannibal is a tick weak, the old one was a more charismatic leader.
Murdock is a bit over the top too.
4 out of 5 Stars.

Vicky the Viking (Wickie und die stakrne Männer)
A new funny comedy movie from Michael “Bully” Herbig.
It is indeed funny, all characters immediately remember you of the old ones you know from your childhood.
The plot is simply but fun.
The only real negative part is Bully’s own role in the movie. That one never existed in the original and totally
doesn’t fit into the movie. His Bard character is actually annoying.
3 out of 5 Stars.

Vantage Point (8 Blickwinkel)
The(!) surprise of my last movie night. Friends bought it for cheap in the store, we never heard of it.
The movie completely catched us within the first 15 minutes and it stayed that way til the end.
It features also one of my favourite actors: Forest Whitaker.
The movie is a big surprise, clever ans fast til the end and every time you think you got it something small changes it.
Big 5 stars!

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