Mass Effect 2 DLC review

Mass Effect 2: Hammerfist

The Hammerfist brings back a ground unit. I’m glad they didn’t bring back the Mako. I hated it.
The Hammerfist is much easier to control.
The missions for the Hammerfist so far are very easy.
One of it feels like a jump’n’run level where you jump over platforms and fragments one by one until you encounter more enemies.
For introducing the Hammerfist it was okay but quite short.

Mass Effect 2: Kazumi stolen memory

The Omega organisation made up a deal with a top notch thief to join Shephard’s ranks, to your surprise.
This mission contains all you need: Dialogues – partially funny, great voice acting, a nice set, action from small to medium.

Kazumi stolen memory is very worth its money.
It has the same level of quality like the missions from the main game.
A good DLC to spent money on.
I highly recommend it.

Sword of the stranger

About a week ago when I was browsing for new movies Amazon recommended to me this anime: “Sword of the Stranger.”
The reviews said its nice and bloody so I ordered it. >:)

A young boy is on the escape and trough circumstances he gets to hire this stranger to guard him on the way to a special temple.
Meanwhile other strangers are moving in too, for some reason looking for this boy. It doesn’t take too long until the first confrontation.
While the boy still doesn’t fully understand why and his guard don’t get it either a battle unfolds taking an entire family clan at stake.

The animation is nice and flawless. Blood is very present but not too much gore. Its just what you expect in samurai sword battles.
Everything the audience needs to know is explained.

A nice and simple yet entertaining movie.
For fans of anime and samurai I can recommend it.

3.5/5 Stars

Heavy Rain (PS3) – My personal review

This is my personal review. It it subject to my personal opinion and bias. Read more »

Halo: Legends

I recently got my hands on the blu-ray edition of “Halo: Legends”.
It is similar to the Animatrix where various directors take on the franchise and tell a short story in their own way, narrative and art wise.
All episodes are very well. Ranging from standard cartoon/anime styles to very uncommon paint style and back to rendered CGI type.

The episodes fill partly the gap on the beginning of the Halo story: Where did the Halo rings come from? What were they for? What is this “flood”?
Others take on the “Alliance” and tell a piece about it and how they work.
One of them is plain fun and comical while the last one takes on the Master Chief himself in a very great and heroic action scene.^^
Additionally the disc features a “Halo: Reach” Teaser trailer which makes you want to see more.

Further there is a sort of documentary that sheds light on the Halo story (parts 1-3) so far. Its more of a “patting Halo on the shoulder” instead of a reminiscence of the story so far. Nice but could have been told much better. (compare FF7:AC).
The episodes alone are great entertainment and well worth it.

4/5 Stars

Gaming Update

My whenever gaming update. xD

Mass Effect 2: I played the “Hammerfist” and “Stolen memory” DLC and unlocked one new achievement.

Final Fantasy XIII: “Keeper of Wisdom” achievement and five more hidden, stuck at Cid fight. 🙁

Heavy Rain: Unlocked one more achievement.

Final Fantasy XI: Dark Knight hit level 74 (I can finally use that damn Suzaku scythe), achieved “Starlight Medal I”, White Mage turned level 74 too and killed Myriadrosh but no drops at all.

Uncharted 2: Did a few more Multiplayer games one of them Besieged style: Survive incoming waves of attacks. The other two guys in my team were great and I think I learned 1-2 tricks off em but still the final 10th wave was way too much. We were so close… ^^;

I also had a look on some Demos:
Split/Second: Explosive races, changing tracks, big surprises – ordered.
Blur: Fast paced, neo-style, shiny cars, crazy action. A grown up Mario Kart, not a clone. Ordered.
Splinter Cell Conviction: Good graphics, style is great, gameplay sucks.


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