Funny profanity

Things you can learn at work…

knock the lid of the ark v.
To release an arse banshee of biblical proportions that causes everyone in the room to disintegrate.

Week in games

Week in games – on time ^^

This week I want to open my weekly entry with a statement of my own regarding to Final Fantasy XI’s beastmasters:

“Beastmasters are the scumbags of Vana’Diel. No one wants them, they’re alone in the dark and cold fields and we’d piss with joy on their graves because we’re happy the camp is ours!”

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Week in games

Week in games

Final Fantasy XIII, PS3
My book arrived. And its a great one. Good design and got everything I could ever need in it.^^
I beat now this weird machine and Odin and reached this weird glowing forest.
The battle system is still mainly A-button action but the paradigm change gives it at least some variety.
I’ll wait until I played much more before I give my review.

Home – LocoRoco Island, PS3
My island is complete now. It got all the upgrades. 😀
So far definitely and by far ahead the best apartment on home.
I also got the Eden Apartment (FF-Fanboy ^^;) and I’m horribly upset.
What a piece of trash.

Final Fantasy XI, PC
– Two Merits in “Enmity decrease”
– Red Mage went from 44 to 49
– Summoner went from 35 to 42
– “Brass Wings of Service I” in the allied campaign

Week in games

Week in game

Final Fantasy XIII, PS3
Got started on it. Its fun and good so far. Not many hours played yet.
I’ll wait for my Special Edition book for it. Like I always do with FF games.^^

Final Fantasy XI, PC
– Got five more Limit points…
– …and spent three of them on my first Intelligence Merit
– Red Mage leveled up to 44…
– … and learned Refresh
– Wings of the Goddess Mission “Caith Sith” finished, next is the Dragon in La Vaule
– Helped friends on “The long march north” and defeated the five Demons in Fort Karugo-Narugo (cool old school fight)
– Received the “Holy Knight IV” Medal in the campaign of the Allied forces

Max and the magic marker, WiiWare
Funny game, too much platformer for me but the idea is neat and fun.
If you like platformers check it out.

My week in Gaming

My week in Gaming (a tick late this time *cough*) Read more »

FFXI – VanaFest 2010

Well, wasn’t the Vanafest 2010 like a nuke in the community?

Most of the things announced are in my favour.
Some are questionable, others are frightening to me.
But lets go trough em point by point. Read more »

My week in gaming

My week in gaming. Read more »

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