AION – My personal review

AION – The Tower of Eternity

Below I want to share my personal opinion on various aspects of the game that lead to my decision
to stay with another game.

I was playing Aion since the very first European Closed Beta.
During the beta phases and especially in the so called Open beta the game started to bore me already.
However, I was giving it a shot because I was certain in the live version the game will have more to offer once
im beyond the levels I played in the beta’s. My highest level here was 17 with a Chanter.

Now the game is live, I played it for the first free month and I decided not to open an abonnement.
I played a Chanter up to level 32, got all my spells, some blue items, 6k Abyss points and some sieges in Abyss.
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