Eurovision Song Contest & ST:Voyager

Last night my best friend celebrated his birthday.
It was a very fun night, a lot to drink and eat.
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Fable II See The Future

The new DLC is here for Fable II: “See the Future”

Finally able to change my dog, I switched him to a Husky. Good dog! 😀
The first part of the quest takes you into a world where the colours have gone and you need to bring them back.
Similar to the previous DLC “Knothole Island” you can collect certain items to unlock an achievement.
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Star Trek

Finally the new Star Trek movie is upon us. I was very afraid of the things that will come.
I know J.J. Abrams as a good director but I was uncertain that they could turn around the sinking ship.

Many cinemas in my area hosted a pre-premier event on Wednesday. However, where I was nothing was done.
Simply get an overpriced pre-card that’s it for Wednesday. No events not even decoration.

Forget all what you ever saw or know about Star Trek.
Relax and enjoy the movie did you?
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Yesterday I went with some colleagues to the cinema to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
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