Fable II Knothole Island

After finishing the main game I had now the time to take care of the DLC.

The first thing I was looking for was how I can get my dog back?
If your dog is missing you’ll notice a building right at the beginning ot the small village.
The actual way how to get your dog back is a little bit mischievous but it just fitted my style. >:)

Of course I sort of regret it to get him back because now he’s jumping all over the place and literally finding all 5 meters something to dig up.

The small story of Knothole Island is funny, easy and has some nice dungeons.

Unlocking some new achievements almost works automatically.
A simple nice DLC that is actually worth it in my opinion.

Another movie night for me

I had another movie night for myself.

Watching “Eden Log” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: At worlds end”.

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Scapegoat and absolution

“After each tragedy, it’s the same thing. Liberals want us to wonder why gun laws let anyone access deadly weapons. Conservatives insist we question why video games supposedly turn down-to-earth kids into murderers. These queries satiate two desires. In a country that ascribes hubristic “exceptionalism” to itself and berates self-analysis as “hating America,” we seek absolution via scapegoat, and so we upbraid boogeymen like firearms and Xboxes.”Salon’s David Sirota

Source: GoNintendo


Weekend fun: Gaming and movies: Fable 2, Rambo 4 and the clone wars.

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Resident Evil: Degeneration

I recently bought the latest RE-movie. Its an original CG-movie.
The movie was okay. Some nice scenes, good action and a twist.

The movie introduces the events that take place between the RE movies Apocalypse and Extinction.
Its a good explanation that stays in-line with the scheming of the Umbrella corporation.
After you watched the movie you can also already guess the future of the “zombies” and how
RE will maybe walk into the future regarding the T-Virus.

The central garden of the laboratory looks awesome. That’s a place where I’d like to work – without the virus stuff of course. 😉
Only the final scene with the two main characters is sort of…. cheap or disappointing.

I give it 4 of 5 stars. 😀

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