FF:CC:MlaaK – Antayone: Day 160 to 199

Time flies by in my Kingdom.
At the moment my adventurers are beating up the Infinite Spire.

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FF:CC:MlaaK – Antayone: Day 89 to 160

Whew.. long night. ^^
I reached chapter IV and finally beat those two damn dungeons I was ranting over yesterday.
The story keeps getting forward in nice small steps and I had a few more cut scenes.
Also the towns folk get new conversations or change some depending on the chapter.
Still I have the Medal-problem.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a King – Antayone: Day 1 to 88

Yesterday I got the WiiWare game “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My life as a King”.
It was about time because I already enjoyed in the past the Japanese version.
Because I wanted to go full out on it I fell for the DLC and purchased that too. Puh, here is the bill!

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